Wonder in and Age of Cynicism


Fall Discipleship Weekend
with (the Revd) John Barr

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Wonder in an age of Cynicism


At the core of authentic Christian life is wonder. A careful reading of the gospels shows that astonishment and amazement and raw bewilderment are at the pulse of the invasion of Jesus into human life. He opens us to a world with windows. Our age increasingly is a world without windows: here we entertain ourselves to death; we are distracted from distraction by distraction (T.S. Eliot). And we have Twitter.  Our godly imaginations have shriveled in an age of cynicism. We are starved for godly wonder.  As we explore  the Word, how does God re-weave the heart to become once more astonished?



Friday, 7p: The Wonder of Forgiveness
(the Rt Revd) Mike Hill, Bishop of Bristol

Saturday 9a: A Theology of Wonder
(the Very Revd Dr) John Barr

Saturday 10.30a: The Wonder of Grace
(the Rt Revd) Mike Hill, Bishop of Bristol

Sunday 9 and 11.15a: Three Strange Wonders to Live by
(the Revd Dr) John Barr