Our Service

Sunday worship is centered around the Eucharist, a word meaning "thanksgiving." The order of worship for Holy Eucharist is twofold: we listen and respond to the Holy Scriptures, and we celebrate Holy Communion.

Our liturgy follows the Book of Common Prayer, particularly the 1979 American Prayer Book, and the developing ACNA Texts for Common Prayer..


The easiest way to receive is to hold out both hands, palms up, one inside the other. If you are not baptized or you do not wish to receive Communion, simply make an "X" over your chest by crossing your arms and you'll receive a blessing from the priest.

How to participate

Worship is not just the work of the clergy and the musicians. It is the work of the whole congregation. For this reason, you will notice that our congregation is very active during worship. We sing, pray, speak aloud, sit, stand, kneel, and so on. Don't feel intimidated. Between the instructions in your bulletin and the instructions given by the priest and other worship leaders, you won't have any problem following along.

When it comes time for Communion, we invite everyone to come forward. The ushers will help you find your place at the altar rail. Anyone who is a baptized Christian is welcome to receive Communion. 


What you will hear

The music for the 9a Eucharist is more traditional: hymns from the Hymnal 1982 accompanied by our pipe organ. The music for the 11.15a Eucharist (and also for days when we have one service, such as during the summer or on feast days) also incorporates modern worship music accompanied by a contemporary band.

While our liturgy incorporates a wide range of musical styles, songs are always selected for the richness of their theology, the aesthetic of their music and poetry, and a prevailing emphasis on God. Song selection also reflects the scripture readings of the given Sunday as well as the themes and the posture of the liturgical season.

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What to wear

Although we don't have a dress code and people wear everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a suit and tie, we ask that you consider what is both comfortable and appropriate for worship.


for the kids

Nursery is available for infants and children up to 3 years. Children may be checked in before the service, and may be picked up before Communion to join their families at the Altar Rail (though parents are welcome to leave their children in the nursery during Communion, too). Children from 5 years through 2nd grade can attend Children's Church, which gathers at the Gospel reading, meets downstairs during the sermon, and returns during the Passing of the Peace. 

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We can't wait to meet you.

Before and after service there is a time of fellowship and refreshment in the Parish Hall. 

Visitor Parking is available in our parking lot off of Hampton Street. If our main lot is full, there is also parking available in the parking areas for the surrounding buildings, as well as street side parking. For a map of all the surrounding parking options, click below.