(the Revd Canon) David Pucik

Canon Pastor

With a Baptist background, Fr David found himself drawn to the Anglican tradition early in his pastoral career.

Emotionally, he found that Anglicanism validated the full spectrum of life with God, not just the “nice” parts. Confession of Sin, the lectionary, and the Christian Calendar (especially Lent and Advent) affirm our experiences of suffering, faltering, waiting, and trusting. 

Intellectually, Anglicanism is respectful of the traditions of the Church, knowing that to study the history of the Church is to study the work of God. 

Aesthetically, Anglicanism affirms the Beauty and Goodness of God’s Creation through art, craftsmanship, and music.

Relationally, Anglicans share common ground with Baptists and Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and Presbyterians, working towards Christ’s desire that we may all be one. 

Pastorally, an Anglican priest has more tools at his disposal for caring for people’s souls.

Finally and most simply, Fr David was drawn to Anglicanism because of the inexpressible grace which he experienced in the Eucharist.

He completed his Masters of Divinity in Colorado at Denver Seminary in 2012 and was ordained into the Anglican church in 2013 by Bishop Ken Ross.