The Big Picture

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Men of CotA!

I am inviting you to join me on a journey through Holy Scripture this year.

To see the world in the light “that the Holy Spirit kindles on the lamp of Scripture” (Kuyper) we need to be able to grasp the whole sweep of the Biblical story. To get that whole sweep, it’s best to read whole books.

The Bible wasn’t written to be read only in short bursts. It was meant to be heard straight through, so that we are swept along, like when we read a novel or watch a movie.

It might be a challenge, but for this reading plan the best option is to set aside—in one sitting—the amount of time listed on the reading guide to read the assigned book in one sitting. For the longest weeks (3.5-4 hrs) it might seem impossible; but think about it: if you go out to a movie, you’ll easily commit that kind of time in one chunk. You really can make that kind of time for reading Scripture.

The other challenge is that most of us haven’t trained ourselves for that kind of sustained reading attention. So, the next best option is to divide the time allotment into two portions. After that, the next best is to divide it into three. The “worst” option (and it’s still pretty good) is to set aside the necessary time each day (usually about 30 minutes) to read the assigned book(s).

Since the goal for this reading plan is to read everything as you would a novel, I’d suggest using something like the ESV Readers Bible since it is set up in typical book reading format, rather than the two column, chapter and verse numbers, topical headings and reference material format of most bibles. Those things are quite helpful for their purpose, but not as helpful for the purpose of whole book readings. You can find a paperback ESV Reader’s Bible online for about $15; a hardcover version for $19; and really lovely leather-bound version for about $50; and, if you are the bibliophile type, there’s an amazing 6-volume set in a wooden box with premium calf-skin leather for $270. But, hey.

So, since it can be awfully hard to get men together on a regular basis, I’m inviting you to read through the scriptures, and gather with me monthly—a Friday evening (normally the last Friday of each month), around a fire, with something to drink—to discuss what we’ve been learning.

So, grab your bible, and let’s go…