Geisbert Square.jpg

Eric Geisbert

Youth Director

Eric Geisbert and his wife, Shea have four children (Caleb, Isaac, Jane, and Ruth) who continually bring them joy and challenge them to be more selfless and loving. They have been attending Apostles since 2013. Eric came to Christ at the age of 16. However, his life didn’t change much until he attended a summer college ministry training program through Rock the World Youth Mission Alliance. That summer, he experienced a profound shift through Christ and the loving Christian community that surrounded him and he began pursuing God. It is his hope that teenagers who know Christ will have a community like he had that summer, a community that will encourage them to become more like Christ. Since then, Eric has stayed involved in supporting youth ministry in one way or another. He enjoys the questioning, the desire for truth, the creativity, the fun, and the pressure of knowing he only gets a few years to work with the youth. He especially loves seeing the presence of Jesus Christ transform someone’s life.