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Field Progress Report 16

Work Completed

Monday 08/06/18 - Sunday 08/12/18

1. Church Expansion Scope

a. Gypsum board touch-up performed on first and second floor.
b. Fire sprinkler heads installed in ceiling grid on first floor and attic space.
c. Installed floor and wall tile in restrooms.
d. Removed brick and studs in connector hallway and started framing walls.
e. Began installing restrooms vanities.
f. Installed HVAC condensers.
g. Installed fresh air/exhaust louvers on exterior of building.
h. Ran conduit for HVAC condensers.
i. Began installing stair handrails.
j. Installed glass panels in second floor hallway.

2. New Parking Lot Scope

a. Started placing sidewalks along Taylor Street.
b. Placed sidewalks along building/parking lot.
c. Graded parking lot to sub-base elevation in preparation for stone placement.
d. Placed concrete curb and gutters for two islands in the parking lot.
e. Placed landscaping sleeves and electrical conduit under asphalt/sidewalk areas.

3. New Nursery Scope in existing Church Facility

a. Placed floor tile in nursery restrooms.
b. Hung gypsum board on newly framed wall.
c. Roughed in electrical for hot water heater in restroom.

Work Planned

Monday 08/13/18 through Sunday 08/19/18

1. Church Expansion Scope (Original Project Scope):
a. Continue above ceiling MEP rough in.
b. Begin installing light fixtures.
c. Continue interior painting on trim/door frames.
d. Hang door slabs.
e. Begin plumbing installation.
f. Continue gypsum board touch-up in preparation for final painting.
g. Continue installing fire suppression system.
h. Continue demolition of bi-swing door in connector hallway and frame new hallway.

2. New Parking Lot Scope:
a. Place stone base in parking lot.
b. Place asphalt pavement in parking lot.
c. Begin fine grading and landscaping islands and green spaces.
d. Place concrete for remaining sidewalks along Bull and Taylor Street.

3. New Nursery Scope in Existing Church Facility:
a. Place wall tile in new restrooms.
b. Begin installing plumbing fixtures.
c. Provide electrical to circuit panel for point-of-use hot water heater.

Field Delays

1. Day(s) Lost to Weather this Progress Report: 0 day(s)
2. Additional Day(s) Lost to Adverse Site Conditions this Progress Report: 0 day(s)
3. Total Day(s) Lost to Rain: 11 day(s)
4. Total Additional Day(s) Lost to Adverse Site Conditions: 0 day(s)

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