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Field Progress Report 10

Work Completed

Monday 05/28/18 - Sunday 06/03/18

1. Continued installing brick veneer on north and east side of building.
2. Shingled the two lower gables.
3. Batt insulation installed in the second story floor joists.

Work Planned

Monday 06/04/18 through Sunday 06/10/18

1. Continue above ceiling electrical.
2. Continue above ceiling mechanical.
3. Continue installing brick veneer.
4. Begin above ceiling low voltage cabling.
5. Start hanging ceiling acoustical soundboard..

Field Delays

1. Day(s) Lost to Weather this Progress Report: 0 day(s)
2. Additional Day(s) Lost to Adverse Site Conditions this Progress Report: 0 day(s)
3. Total Day(s) Lost to Rain: 11 day(s)
4. Total Additional Day(s) Lost to Adverse Site Conditions: 0 day(s)
5. Total Days Lost to Date: 11 day(s)

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