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Field Progress Report 4

Work Completed

Monday 03/12/18 - Sunday 03/16/18

  1. Removed existing electrical transformer and new overhead transformer installed by SCE&G.
  2. Removed existing primary electrical service, installed new secondary service lines/conduit and restored power to the existing building.
  3. Completed excavation for building footings.
  4. Undercut unsuitable footings and backfilled with concrete per Geotech Engineer’s recommendations.
  5. Began setting formwork for building slab.
  6. Began installing in-slab plumbing.

Work Planned

Monday 03/19/18 through Sunday 03/25/18

  1. Finish installing formwork for building slab.
  2. Finish installing in-slab plumbing.
  3. Excavate for interior footings.
  4. Spray termite treatment on building pad prior to concrete placement.
  5. Install slab reinforcement and vapor barrier.
  6. Place concrete building slab and footings.

Field Delays

  • Day(s) Lost to Weather this Progress Report: 1 day(s)
  • Additional Day(s) Lost to Adverse Site Conditions this Progress Report: 0 day(s)
  • Total Day(s) Lost to Rain: 4 day(s)
  • Total Additional Day(s) Lost to Adverse Site Conditions: 0 day(s)
  • Total Days Lost to Date: 4 day(s)
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