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Field Progress Report 3

Excavation for building slab footers.Compacted building slab footers.

Work Completed

Monday 03/05/18 - Sunday 03/11/18

  1. Site surveyed for finished-floor elevation.
  2. Building corners surveyed and staked to begin footer excavation.
  3. Excavated for building slab footers.
  4. Soil compaction test completed on footers.

Work Planned

Monday 03/12/18 through Sunday 03/18/18:

  1. Set formwork for building slab.
  2. Complete under-slab plumbing.
  3. Complete work for new electrical service to existing building and expansion building.
  4. Grade building pad back to elevation pending completion of items 1, 2, and 3.

Field Delays

  1. Day(s) Lost to Weather this Progress Report: 1 day(s)
  2. Additional Day(s) Lost to Adverse Site Conditions this Progress Report: 0 day(s)
  3. Total Day(s) Lost to Rain: 3 day(s)
  4. Total Additional Day(s) Lost to Adverse Site Conditions: 0 day(s)
  5. Total Days Lost to Date: 3 day(s)
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