Christian Education

Our Adult Education program has one goal: That we might grow more and more into the image of Christ, both as individuals and as Christ’s body, the Church. To that end we hope to provide a variety of classes and opportunities taught by gifted teachers.


CotA Talks

January 7 - May 13

This Semester's topic is The Grace of God.

Enjoy a cup of coffee in the Parish Hall as various speakers talk about their experience and understanding of the grace of God in their lives.

 Beth and Chip with their two youngest (still at home) Mei Mei and Liza.

Beth and Chip with their two youngest (still at home) Mei Mei and Liza.

lessons learned along the way

April 8 - May 13

Join Beth and Chip Edgar for a six-week class on parenting and grace in the South Transept. They'll share lessons they've learned from making almost every mistake a parent can make, along with the assurance that God's grace is even bigger than all that in your kids' lives.

 Our Dean, Chip Edgar

Our Dean, Chip Edgar

Apostles 101

Join the group below to find out when the next series begins.

Join members of our clergy and explore the things that make Church of the Apostles unique. We’ll answer a lot of the typical questions that someone new to this tradition has (like, “Why and when do we cross ourselves?”). This series will cover topics such as the sacraments, liturgy, history and plugging into life at Apostles.